History of the Buckeye Bulldog
J.R. Collins

J.R. Collins has been pulling big rigs for more than 25 years. His famous Buckeye Bulldog, a 1984 Mack Superliner has carried him to 2 National Championships, 3 Super Semi Puller of the Year titles, and a win in the famous Indy Super Pull in 1983.

J.R.'s Championships came back to back in 1994 and 1995. Never one to rest on his laurels, JR went through a period of experimentation with his powerful Mack, including adding 6 Turbo-chargers at one time. The Mack Superliner is powered by a Mack V-8 displacing 998 Cubic Inches, and is now back to operating on just 4 Turbo-chargers.

The past couple of years has seen the Buckeye Bulldog regain some of its form with several wins and coming within just a few points of his third National Title. The Puller Magazine picked J.R. Collins and the Buckeye Bulldog to win the title in 2003. After taking 2006 off due to heart bypass surgery, in 2007 J.R. was named Super Semi Puller of the Year!

Look for J.R. and the Buckeye Bulldog along the NTPA Championship Pulling Trail.

The Fire...

J.R. and David Morris

Throughout my pulling career, I have been asked on numerous occasions how the fire on the Buckeye Bulldog works. When I first decided to build a pulling truck, the "research and development department", i.e., David Morris and myself, decided we needed a gimmick to attract attention to the vehicle. We thought it ought to be something unique to separate my truck from every other pulling vehicle, and hopefully, something that no one else would have.

After countless hours of trial and error, including almost burning down my garage, we finally managed to devise the fire system for the Buckeye Bulldog. At that time Dave worked at R.W. Sidley in Thompson where the truck is garaged, and he was the "brains" behind the fire show. Dave should have been included in the team picture, but he no longer lives in northeast Ohio and was unable to attend the pull in Painesville where the team photo was taken.

I appreciate the fact that no other puller has tried to copy the fire show. I also appreciate the fact that NTPA continues to allow me to run the fire. Several years ago at Monroe, Michigan, NTPA tech officials Scott and Dan spent almost two hours underneath the truck tracing the lines to ensure that nothing was being pumped into the engine, and deemed that everything was entirely legal.

To this date no one has successfully copied the fire show concept. You can ask me until the cows come home, but that will remain the "calling card" that separates the Buckeye Bulldog from other pulling trucks, and this secret will remain a secret forever.

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